3 Secrets to Dating Rich Men

Connecting with the right guy can be a major PITA – life’s version of ‘finding a needle in a hay stack’. And when you want to add to that targeting exclusively wealthy guys – things get exponentially harder.

Doing so means you’re effectively narrowing your pool of potential suitors by about 95%, so if you want to specifically target rich men, you better have a good game plan in place in order to be successful.

As a contributor to the popular ‘date rich men’ website SugarDaddie.com, I’m here to share some tips and tricks and dating secrets for dating rich men (since I have a ton experience writing about these types of relationships being a regular contributor to the site).

Let’s get started…

Tip #1: Be High End

A wealthy man likes a woman who looks like a million bucks – plain and simple. You can literally be transformed with a hair styling and wardrobe upgrade, or makeover, which will drastically increase your chance of landing that wealthy man.

Here is a dating secrets exclusive tip:

It’s better to have a few really nice, upscale, trendy pieces of clothing rather than a lot of ‘regular’ rack threads.
After all, how often do you see celebrities and athletes dating the ‘girl next door’?
“Never”, right?
But in reality they often are dating the ‘girl next door’ – she just upgraded to a better wardrobe and hair style.

Getting your fashion right is step one in the game.

Hunt For Your Rich Man At Happy Hour – Not Late Night

If you’re looking for a wealthy, single man, you’ll have a lot more success searching at happy hour in the affluent areas of your city rather than the clubs at night.

Tip: Think 5-7pm at the upscale bars near the tech or financial centers of your city.

Put on professional, yet flattering clothing, grab a girlfriend, and cozy up to the bar. If you play your cards right, many of your drinks will be purchased for you – and because beautiful women are generally hard to come by in these areas – you’ll get a lot of attention.

Bonus Dating Secret: Don’t waste your time on broke guys. Steer clear of ‘cheap beer’ bars, crappy chain restaurants, and other places that attract the bottom feeders. In addition to high-end bars, you should also spend your free time at big-donor charity events, country clubs, and high-quality upscale steakhouses.

What Gold Digger?

Here’s perhaps the most important tip of all…

Rich men have a radar for gold diggers. If they spot one, at best they’ll use this to take advantage of you, but most likely it will just repulse them and you won’t stand a chance with them now or in the future.

So instead of talking about money (never bring up the subject and be only slightly interested if he does), move the topic along to something else (hobbies, sports, ANYTHING else besides money). This will let him know that you aren’t just trying to find the richest guy you can (even though you obviously are icon smile Dating Secrets: 3 Secrets to Dating Rich Men ).

Dating Secrets Wrap Up

The difference between landing a regular Joe and a rich guy are very small. With just a few small tweaks to your approach, you can go from having a date at a chain restaurant to having a date at a five star restaurant.

Remember to think and look the part, hang out at the right spots, and don’t talk about his money. If you follow these 3 dating secrets tips, you’ll be well on your way to being the arm-candy for some very wealthy men.

Brian Patterson is a regular contributor to SugarDaddie.com, a website that helps wealthy men connect with the most attractive and upbeat women.

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