5 Tips To Make Her Happy And Sustain Your Relationship!

Unlike the time of our forefathers there are millions of books, articles and magazines giving relationship advice available today. Every author has his own way of telling his readers what he thinks can make his reader’s ‘beloved’ happy.

As a matter of fact there are hundreds of things that can be done to keep your lady happy, but I would like to mention only a few things that are very general and easy to do.

But there is something very important that you have to understand, and that is when you are in love you can’t just keep ‘saying’ that you love and never ‘show’ your love. The expression of love is as important as love itself in a relationship. Your beloved needs more than mere words as the expression of your love for her.

What I mean to say is that while saying that you love ‘her’ is important, you have to do something to keep reminding her that you love her – even when you are not there to say it.

Relationship Advice Tip #1: Talk

Well, this tip doesn’t cost a thing. Talking to her will make her feel that you care and are willing to give her time. Even if all you can squeeze out of the day is a single half an hour, you should try to make this your regular practice. Ask her questions and participate. This will make her feel that you are concerned.

Relationship Advice Tip #2: Gift

Give her a surprise gift. Choose something available in women focused stores such as clothing and jewelry stores. There are many departmental stores that deal specifically with women’s clothing, jewelry and accessories. If you have trouble making the time to shop, then you can quickly and easily choose something from an online store. Online shopping saves time and money, especially if you use the many free online coupons codes available from the various coupon sites.

Relationship Advice Tip #3: Sex

Sex is the ultimate act of love and affection with your partner. It is recommended that married couples should have sex 2 to 3 times a week. During foreplay its important to talk to your partner and tell her how much you love her and what she means to you.

Relationship Advice Tip #4: Appreciate

Appreciate what she does for you. There are many ways of appreciation.

You can kiss her on the forehead and say, “What would I be without you?!” You can get a rose either everyday or every weekend and present it to her saying, “Life would not have been this beautiful if you were not there.”

She will feel that you are a very understanding husband who doesn’t just pin point flaws, but who also knows how to appreciate. Everyone longs to be appreciated and when you praise someone for doing something good, it makes you feel good, and more importantly it makes them feel good.

Relationship Advice Tip #5: Help

While you’re appreciating her, also pitch in and help with the house chores or life’s little endeavors. Remember that your actions speak louder than your words. Even if you’re busy, find the time. You’ll find its a great time to share, cuddle and get some things done around the house as well.

Remember these five relationship advice tips and love life. Now get going and make your partner feel the love you have for her.

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