An Online Date Gone Bad

If you are looking for a true dating horror story, then you’ve come to the right place. The latest experience I had is one to remember for a lifetime. Online dating is supposed to be great and fun. Once you take it to the offline world however, the situation starts to change.

We had been talking for some time. I contacted him through an online dating website. Most of my friends said it is a madness – after all you have no idea who is sitting behind a computer writing back to you.

We exchanged photos – he looked good. I saw the kind of intelligence and warmth that I was looking for. The desire to discover someone to love diminished my worries and skepticism. I was currently in that deep depressive hole. I had basically reached the bottom in terms of romance. All of the failures made me look for alternatives, and online dating came to the rescue – it seemed like it was going to save me from myself.

This is why I accepted his request for a personal meeting without any hesitation. I was eager to fall in love again as I imagined the arrival of my knight in shiny armor.

Just like any other date, this one also came with lots of anticipation and anxiety. I wanted to make the best impression. Half of my wardrobe was already scattered on the floor and I still had difficulty picking the best outfit. Though I am not vain, I wanted to be the perfect lady for my very special gentleman.

As usual, I arrived several minutes in advance. One of my biggest turnoffs is someone being late for a date, especially an important date like this one.

Well late he was

The first few minutes turned into half an hour and he was still nowhere to be seen. Forty minutes later I finally spotted him. This was turning into a real dating horror story and the night hadn’t even started yet.

The mental picture I had, well, it had seen some editing… heavy editing. He was very, very short. His profile said that he was taller than me and I decided to go for high heels. Now we made a very strange looking pair, since I was standing very tall above him. As a bonus, he was bald and exceptionally timid. Still, I decided to give him a try.

All that man wanted was to impress me. I was looking forward to a conversation. It turned into a monologue. He started talking. He talked throughout coffee and he kept on talking as we moved on to a glass of wine. I instantly went into indifference mode, nodding my head and giving him the occasional �?yes’ to keep him talking.

This little insecure guy had nothing to do with the man I was talking to. Or maybe the man I was imagining talking to. This guy was boring beyond belief. He never asked me a single question about my preferences, hobbies or life. He was just looking for the right audience that would receive and cherish the story of his life.

Online dating may be great fun, but it certainly is far from my cup of tea. I did try it several times after that, but I did my best to learn everything about the person before going on a real date. In fact, I did discover several great friendships this way, though they never turned into a romantic story.

Looking Back On My Dating Horror Story

This online dating horror story may be somehow fun now that I look back on it. My confusion and the disappointment written all over my face are probably something that he will remember as well. The funny thing is that he actually had the nerve to ask me for a second date. He insisted and insisted and I turned him down. Hopefully he has discovered the right girl to listen to all of his life stories, because that sure isn’t going to be me ever again.

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