Being Nice is Not that Good in Dating

Being nice to someone is showing the things that they want to see in you. In dating that is mostly the case wherein there is this thinking that when attracting someone you have to be able to know what they want and do as much as possible. People who believed in this kind of perspective are probably still single because they do not expose who they really are and are still staying in their comfort zones.

Here are the things a dater should avoid to be able get that beautiful man or woman without being the nicest person you pretend to be. Daters should avoid being repetitive, obvious and typical. When this happens your actions will become too predictive and the interaction with both of the parties will be boring. You are then afraid thinking out of the box and exploring on other options that might also be good in that particular situation. This will eventually put you in a situation wherein you wont be able to see that particular date again because the date itself was so boring and uninteresting.

Many people makes mistakes in that particular aspect but more and more people are still repeating the same mistakes. I think the reason this happens is because they have low self esteem that they are afraid to express their true feelings to their dates. Having a confidence is not taught by any person, it should be learned by that particular individual being able to say what he have to say without being distracted by the people around him. If you think that you will be saying a good thing, then there is no reason that you should stop yourself.

Practice makes perfect in the dating game. If one day you have failed, then make sure that you wont be able to make the same mistakes again and again on the next day. You will realize that being able to have mistakes will then make you a better person and a more mature one.

Being nice is not always a good idea, it will be better to be yourself, stay confident and humble.

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