Excuses To Talk With My Crush

I really had a crush on somebody who isn’t my type at all so you’d think my dating success story wouldn’t have a happy ending.

I’m funny that way and let my mind wander all around the world. But we’re different in that way. He’s serious and focused on a particular thing most of the time. So I didn’t know why I had a crush on him.

Frankly speaking, my friends didn’t even say “Wow! What a guy you’ve got a crush on,” when I pointed him out. It was clear that he wasn’t that attractive a guy to others, but to me he was the most handsome man I’ve ever seen in my life.

My dating success story happened three years ago in June of 2008, at a time when he was helping his father in their pharmacy and right before he went off to China for his medical studies.

Coincidentally, I had chatted with him online and he added me to his friends lit on Hot Mail. I only later discovered that he was the very same guy I had a crush on.

We chatted via webcam and also had a nice time texting back and forth on the computer. After chatting for some time, I really began to like him and began to think that maybe I was ready to fall for him. I wasn’t really sure though so I guess I was waiting for the day when we could meet and talk face to face.

I truly don’t believe in coincidence in this world, because I think that there is a reason behind everything that happens. So when we became chat friends, I believed it was not just coincidence but rather that it was god planning to write our dating story in the book of my life.

I spotted him one day as I passed by his pharmacy. He was back from China, but only for the holidays. I thought of approaching him when he was alone, but I couldn’t find any reason to talk with him at the time. I felt that it would be ridiculous to approach him simply to introduce myself as his chat friend.

A week passed by and I went out of my way to go by his pharmacy nearly every day so I could sneak a peak of him. I was afraid to simply drop my hopes for a relationship with him as I figured I might yet get the courage to find a way to talk to him in person. After all, “where there is a will there is a way!”

This went on for a while. Soon it was the 21′st of June of that year. I can still remember what thought came to my mind when I saw some throat clearing candy called “Halts” in a jar in his pharmacy as I passed by. I planned to kill two birds with one stone. If I went in to buy some candies, it would give me an excuse to talk to him.

So I went in. He was busy messing around with his I-Phone. I said, “Excuse me, may I have some Halts candies?” Looking up from his I-Phone he responded, “Sure, and take this extra one too it’s for free.”

I said to myself, “How sweet of you.”

This brief interaction increased my confidence about talking with him and I said,”Are you Mr. Jonathon Shana? The same Jonathon Shana I have talked with on Hotmail messenger several times?”

He replied, “Yes, but how did you know me?”

I said, “I’m your chat friend Shweta. Don’t you remember me? We’ve talked several times and seen each other in profile pictures and on the webcam via Hotmail messenger.”

Then he said, “Oh! You’re my chat friend Shweta. Nice meeting you. How have you been? Have you finished with school?”

I was a bit nervous, but I soon got over it. We had a good chat and I felt comfortable talking with him.

Since then we smile at each other and greet each other whenever we run into each other, and we also chat via Facebook.

For this I would like to thank God for giving me the idea to find an excuse to talk to him that day. And thanks also to my eye that saw those candies and to my brain for having control over my nervousness while talking with him.

Things are going well and I’m looking forward to having a deeper relationship with him very soon.

I’m thankful that my dating success story has a happy ending after all.

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