How To Date A Girl: The 5 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make

So you’re sitting at home wondering how to date a girl because the furthest you ever get is wondering something like: “It was going great but then she disappeared on me” asking yourself…


“What did I do?”

“We were having such a great time together. I want to date sexy women who stick around.”

Each time you say or think these things, you’re probably making one of five deadly dating mistakes.

Here are five dating mistakes that are guaranteed to kill your good time…

How To Date A Girl: Dating Mistake #1:

Go out on a traditional date.

That’s right. Going out on a traditional date like…dinner, a movie, kiss goodnight is guaranteed to kill a budding relationship.

How To Date A Girl: Dating Mistake #2:

It’s a fact that the less you do and say, the more you’ll attract her to you – and that’s what you really want when figuring out how to date a girl without making her disappear – right?.

Most guys try to impress women with dumb pickup lines and boring conversation all about their jobs and their life story, or even worse, with a crap load of lies – but women have heard it all before remember that you’re certainly not the first guy they’ve ever dated.

Instead, try asking your date about herself then shut up and listen. And try to look interested by asking questions and paying attention to what she’s saying.

Of course the less you do and say. the more you will get her wondering why you’re not drooling all over her and she’ll consider you something of a challenge – and women just love challenging guys.

How To Date A Girl: Dating Mistake #3:

Be a gentleman, but also be a “naughty little boy” – use humor and banter to your advantage.

Make unexpected or mischievous comments.

If her response is, “I can’t believe you just said that… but I like it” you’re in.

How To Date A Girl: Dating Mistake #4:

Avoid cheesy pick up lines and lies. You’ll only get yourself backed into a corner and if the relationship ever gets serious, she’ll remember that the first things you ever said to her were lies. And do you really think something like, “I lost my keys. Can I check your pants?” is going to get you any kind of date worth having? Get serious.

How To Date A Girl: Dating Mistake #5:

Women will test you so watch out and be ready for the test.

For example, she might ask you to buy her something. In a playful manner your come back might be something like, “Wait! Baby you dress nicer than I do, and look at all that fine jewelry you’re wearing, and is that a $500 bottle of perfume you got on?.

Baby I like a sexy rich woman who buys ME things!” This will let her know you’re onto her little test and you’re not biting.

Make sure you don’t fall into any of her traps and you’ll keep her interested and coming back for more.

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