How To Find A Date For Valentines Day – An Unconventional Approach

Looking for a date or some unconventional dating advice tips for Valentines Day?

Since you’re reading this, you’ve probably struck out with your little black book, the local bar scene, or any of a dozen other pickup spots.

But don’t despair.


If you have friends, you’ll likely make it through this Valentines Day with a date. If not, we have a couple of other unconventional dating advice tips for you.

Now it might not be the best date in the world, but dating is all about trying on a new person. Sometimes there’s a spark, a flame or a bonfire and sometimes there isn’t.

So open your mind, open your heart and let’s explore some new possibilities…

Here we are just a couple days from Valentines Day – you’ve got no date and little hope of getting one this late – all things considered, it’s probably the right time to lean on your friends and ask them if they know anyone in a similar situation. One of their friends, or a friend of a friend – that kind of thing.

Having friends is an invaluable gift at a time like this because they are the ones who know you best and who can come to your rescue in a pinch.

They won’t recommend someone completely horrible unless you’ve done something awful to them that they just haven’t forgiven you for, and they can talk up your strengths and play down your weaknesses as necessary.

So it’s time to bite the bullet and get on the phone and text or call a few of your friends and see what you can come up with.

If you still come up empty, here’s a completely unconventional approach that will leave a lasting memory…

Unconventional Tip #1

How about asking your mother, father, sister, brother out for a one-on-one dinner and fun time?

Come on, how much time do you spend with any of them?

If you’re a guy, your mom will remember that night forever and talk about it when she’s old an gray.

If you’re a gal, your dad will be beaming with pride that his little girl would want to spend such a valuable day with her old man.

There’s a lot to be said for family, and it will remind them of the times when you were little and loveable, while creating a quality memory that will last a life time.

Think about it.

If that doesn’t work for you, here’s the one surefire way of getting a date for Valentines Day…

Unconventional Tip #2

OK, you’ve passed on the friends, you’ve passed on your family – you must be pretty desperate.

So desperate times call for desperate measures. There is ONE and only ONE sure fire way to get a date.

The day before Valentines Day, go to your favorite dating hangout. Dress nice, smell nice and be on your best behavior.

Approach every single gal or guy (depending on what you like) look them in the eyes and say this, “Hi I’m [fill in your first name] and I don’t have a date for valentines day. I don’t really want to be alone tomorrow. Will you go to dinner with me?” And shut up.

If they laugh or turn you down, politely thank them with “I understand, thanks for listening” and move on to the next person. Keep this up until someone says yes.

Someone will always say yes (unless you have bad breath, poor hygiene, or dirty clothes.)

It’s just a matter of time.

Hey have a happy Valentines Day from all us here at Dating Advice Tips And Secrets.

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