How To Get A Girlfriend

One life skill all guys have to learn is how to get a girlfriend. This is not an easy skill. Guys are clueless when it comes to approaching a beautiful woman, interacting with her, flirting with her and eventually dating her. They get very little help from friends and relatives. The advice given to them is old, outdated and pretty useless in some instances.

In case you want to move ahead from the dating advice and tips you are getting from people around you, then we will share some dating secrets for men that will help you get a girlfriend.

Being Submissive Will Get You Nowhere

How often have you wondered why jocks always land the girls? Even the girls in your friend circle go weak kneed when they are in the presence of these jocks. There is a very simple reason for that- Their body language.

Body language is everything in a woman’s world. They want men who are strong, assertive and do not show a weak side. But that does not mean geeks do not get girls. Again, it is down to the body language. The moment you show women that you are a submissive man who can be pushed around, you have no chance in the dating world.

Stand up, square up your shoulders and be yourself. Use friendship as a tool and show the woman you want to date that you are confident in your space.

Learn From Your Experiences

All the bestselling authors have one thing going for them and that is their life experiences. You see everyone including geeks, jocks, movie stars; famous writers fail in the dating world at some point or the other. But the difference is that they move on.
Just because you were not successful the first time does not mean that you are always a failure. However, it also does not mean that you will succeed the next time. You see success in the dating world is extremely circumstantial. The best way to move forward is not to repeat the mistakes and focus on the positives.

Remember a girl saying “No” is not the end of your dating life. In fact, the word “No” should spur you on to do better the next time around.

Do Not Succumb To Desperation

Most guys just can’t take the loneliness anymore. They try and try, but after sometime they succumb to the desperation. This means that their body language changes from confident to defeated, they fall back on clichéd flirting tools and sending emails repeatedly to women they met on dating websites.
The problem with this approach is those women just ignore desperate guys. They have to deal with them 24/7 and they can easily know if a guy is desperate or not. Always remember that even if you have failed in your attempts at dating, it does not mean that you will always fail. It only means that you have to make changes to your style and move on.

Remember the moment you succumb to desperation, you will blow your chances of dating out of the window.

It is not easy to get a girlfriend, but it is not Mission Impossible either!

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