How To Know What Kind Of Flirt A Woman Is

Our flirting tips staff as found a study done at the University of Kansas, it was determined that there are five major ways that women use to flirt.

And they’ll attract different guys depending on the type of flirting they employ. See if you can recognize a past encounter among these types …

Flirting Tips Types

1) Physical Flirt – there’s a definite physical attraction for this woman. She uses her body and a lot of body language to do her flirting. The ‘relationship’ with a Physical Flirt blossoms fairly quickly due to that shared ‘chemistry’. But watch out! This kind of flirting can develop a pretty strong emotional bond between the parties – casual dater’s beware!

2) Traditional Flirt – this type of woman tends to flirt only with people she’s known for a long time and is really quite shy. She has trouble getting dates, and generally believes the man should make the first move. The Traditional Flirt feels more comfortable flirting online than in person and you’ll often bump into them in chat rooms and on dating websites.

3) Polite Flirt – the polite flirt is a little like the Traditional Flirt, but amped up a bit. They’re not looking for intimacy in their flirting like the Physical Flirt, but can develop meaningful relationships even though they won’t generally initiate the flirting. The Polite Flirt also feels more comfortable flirting online than in person.

4) Sincere Flirt – The style used by most women. They really are interested in you and want both an emotional and sexual connection – though not immediately. They aren’t out for a casual date, but are more likely looking to land a partner for the long haul. They make great partners in a relationship if the chemistry is there.

5) Playful Flirt – these women are not in it for the long term. They get a rush out of flirting and meeting new and interesting men. They’re relationships tend to be much less meaningful. Think, “Girls just wanna have fun!”. The playful flirt has a lot of self confidence and tends to focus on a single guy. You won’t catch them scanning a room or looking over a bunch of guys.

Body language is a big giveaway in determining if someone is flirting with you. Turns out those first impressions are about 55% body language and only 7% of what is said. You have only about 30 seconds to catch the interest of that special someone before they move on. If a woman locks eyes two or three times – she’s interested.

And if you’re interested in a woman, adopt the same stance or body positioning of the woman you want to flirt with you. She’ll subconsciously perceive that you have something in common and may initiate contact. If not, try to lock eyes with her 2 or 3 times to let her know you’re interested.

Now that you know the basic flirting types, you’ll know what you’re in for should one of these techniques be used on you.

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