How To Please A Woman

Learn the art of pleasing a woman! This is one skill that less than one percent of guys can claim their right to. This is because women expect to be pleased in bed and out of bed, physically and emotionally. Most men in exclusive relationships will know the secret areas where they can please their woman. However, for the remainder of guys who are still floundering about in the sea called dating, they usually drown and never know how to master this skill.

If you are among those guys who are still trying to settle down in a stable relationship, then you need to know how exactly a women can be pleased. Today, we will share tips and information that can serve as lifeboats if you are ever in this situation.

Impress Her By Not Being A Doormat

Most guys are so desperate to please a woman that they lose their spine and their identity. The eventually end up as a doormat where women turn to when they have no one else in their lives. Such guys will never end up finding the women they love. Instead, they will find women who love to have someone to push around (Yes they do exist).
However, even such women find a man who stands true to his identity extremely attractive and sexy. The reason for this is because deep down they are always looking for someone who is a Ying to their Yang. Such a characteristic is extremely important for women, because they always respect a man who will not give up his goals and ideals irrespective of what he encounters in life. This demonstrates superior self-confidence, which is a huge turn on for women.

Engage In Dialogue To Form An Emotional Connection

Emotions play almost no part in a man’s world. However, in the women’s world, emotion is a key. This key is used to control circumstances around them. In order to form an emotional bond, you need to have a constant dialogue with the woman you are dating to understand her.
This understanding will give you deep insights into her personality and help you understand her likes and dislikes. A woman always has a long list of likes and dislikes. This will include sex, food, drinks, flowers, personality traits, movie stars, etc. If you want to please your woman, you will have to learn every single like and dislike.

Learn How To Keep Her Happy In Bed

Sex plays a very important part in the relationship. In fact, women use sex as emotional currency. Hence, they expect their partner to know how to treat them in bed. They expect you to know what excites them. Unfortunately, you will not be given this information easily.
That is where the dialogue comes into play. You will have to use humor and mystery to learn every sexual nuance of your woman. You will also have to come up with new ways and methods to keep the sex interesting.

Remember this skill will not be easy to learn, but it will help you immensely in the long haul.

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