Kissing Techniques

OK so you’re a budding pickup artist (pua) and you don’t want to end the evening AFC right?

So it’s time to make your move. In that spirit we present some tips on how to get the job done – but remember nothing works for everyone. You’ve got to have self confidence, be a little cocky, engage in playful banter and not come across desperate or needy or creepy or scary – got it?

How To Make That First Kiss Memorable

This is really divided into two parts because once you get the kiss, you’ve got to do it right to keep the tension flowing.

So this is the kissing technique you want to use on her:

Reasonably quick – keep it under four or five minutes
Tease a bit – lightly kiss and caress with your lips
Gently, slowly move in and touch her lips with yours
Bite her lip lightly, playfully
Play with her tongue a bit but nothing heavy – light and gently
Suck her lip gently
Gentle – slow – playful

Here’s what NOT to do:

Don’t be aggressive
Don’t mash your lips on hers
Don’t force your tongue down her throat
Don’t draw blood
Don’t cause pain
Don’t clack your teeth against hers
Don’t be creepy or say something stupid
Don’t make disgusting sounds

All very unappealing. The goal is to maintain a kind of sexual desire or tension between the two of you. You’ll know if you’re doing it right by the look in her eyes.

You can think of it as seducing her with a kiss.

Finding The Right PUA Situation To Kiss Close

It’s all about timing and taking advantage of the right moment. Often it’s about creating the right moment. If you’re gonna go for the Close, right after that amazing kiss you’ve just planted on her is the time to do it. Here are some moves that have worked in the past:

Situation # 1:

Setup: Set up a playful ‘physical’ competition such as bubble blowing in a drink, thumb wrestling, arm wrestling, finger football or whatever suits the situation.


Start the game and go the first round. Doesn’t really matter if you win or lose but losing (but don’t make it obvious) can be more fun.

When you finish the round here’s how the conversation might go:

PUA: “Dam. Beat by a girl! I know what my problem is…we’re not playing for anything of value. Let’s set some stakes.”

HB: “What stakes?”

PUA: “If I win I get a kiss.”

HB: “What do I get if I win.”

PUA: “What do you want?”

HB: [Names her terms]

That’s it. Now if you should lose, go for best two out of three or three out of five. If you keep losing (either on purpose or for real) – move in close and ask:

PUA: “I can’t believe it. I’m never going to live this down. How about a consolation kiss for the loser?” [Lean in and go for the Close]

Of course you’ll have to modify you’re approach based on your real situation.

Situation #2:

Setup: Works best while on the dance floor, but can be adapted to just about any location. Modify the conversation and location to fit your particular needs. Not a strong move but works especially well if they’ve already had a drink or two.


Here’s a sample conversation: [lean in close]

PUA: “Too bad I can’t kiss you.”

HB: “Why?” [if she says nothing continue on anyway]

PUA: “My daddy once told me – never kiss a girl if you don’t know her name.”

HB: “I’m [NAME]” [if she doesn’t volunteer her name – introduce yourself … “hi I’m Kevin and you are”] (If she won’t give you her name she isn’t ready – move on)

PUA: [Leans in and closes right away – no hesitation.]

Situation #3:

Setup: Works best in the car – is a variation to get a girl’s number and a kiss.


Here’s a sample conversation:

PUA: “I’m not going to kiss you.”

HB: “Why?”

PUA: “Because I promised myself I’d never kiss a girl if I didn’t have her phone number so I could call her later. I’m not the kiss and run type.”

HB: “Gives you her phone number or continues”

PUA: [As soon as she gives you her number, lean in and Cl0se]

For Beginning PUA’s When All Else Fails:
A kiss on the cheek is better than no kiss at all…

Setup: Works best in a restaurant or bar.

Execution: this may take some patience and the situation may not come up but be on the lookout.

Here’s a possible sample conversation – modify it to fit your situation:

HB: “Pass the salt please.”

PUA: “What’s in it for me?”

HB: “What do you want?” [If she says nothing keep right on going]

PUA: “How about a kiss on the cheek?”

Once you pass her the salt or whatever, [drink, peanuts, cigarettes etc.] lean in and turn your cheek toward her. Let her kiss you on the cheek. DO NOT turn your head and kiss her on the lips.You can repeat this turning the other cheek.

Above all, you don’t want her to think you’re some kind of pervert. It’s about building trust. If she trusts you, things can move forward – if she doesn’t, move on.

OK some of these are a bit cheesy, but they’ve all worked in real life with real HB. Keep your confidence high and your self-talk positive. Visualize yourself making the connection before you even head out on the date.

Remember that your outer game is a reflection of your inner game.

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