Three Quick Flirting Tips You Can Use Right Away

Before we launch into our flirting tips, let’s talk about one of the top 3 things women are looking for on first contact with you:


They want a man who’s confident, sure of himself and not afraid of women.

How do they figure out how confident you are? Simple…

By the amount of time it takes you to approach them.

You can almost hear a timer start in their heads once you’ve looked their way…


And each woman’s timer is a bit different, so you’ve got to act fast – really fast.

That leads us to Flirting Tip number one which is also a basic dating advice tip…

Flirting Tips #1

Drop the crappy pick up lines and walk over and say “Hi” within the first few seconds your eyes meet. Forget about your nerves or the, “is she going to like me” negative self talk, and just make your move.

If she rejects your advance SO WHAT! There are many more great women available – over 4 billion people in the world and more than half of them are women! If you blow it, try again and again and again. And keep trying.

Did you know that a woman likes to be appreciated for her assets but doesn’t like to be drooled over or ogled? Therefore body language can become an important and effective means of communication if used wisely. How do you use it wisely?

That leads to Flirting Tip number two…

Flirting Tips #2

Don’t grab your crotch, stare at her hardware or any exhibit any other crude or rude behaviors – licking your lips and smiling lasciviously is out.


Instead try looking her in the EYES and hold eye contact with her. She’s a person not a slab of meat. And like every human being she wants to feel special – use your body language to tell her you think she’s very special. Wipe that crude look of lust off your face and notice her hair or lips and don’t let your eyes stray.

Women like to feel like they’re picking you – not the other way around. So that leads us to what to do to get her to pick you aka Flirting Tip number three…

Flirting Tips #3

Talk to her – banter with her. Use humor and LISTEN to her. And for goodness sakes, don’t connect with her then ask her for a date a few seconds later.

She wants to feel comfortable with you and be sure that you’re not a threat.

So if you like her and want to see her again, ask to get together for coffee, tea or a light lunch.

When you use this approach she is much more likely to accept your offer than, “hey baby wanna come back to my place? I’ll show you my Iguana collection” or any other “high creep value” pickup line.

Got it?

Include all three of these flirting tips in your arsenal and you’ll be more likely to attract a quality woman with whom you can have a relaxed and enjoyable date – and maybe even a relationship.

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