Top 6 Fun Date Ideas That Are Just A Little Crazy

These fun date ideas can be used as first date ideas or as a way of breaking up what might be evolving into a monotonous dating routine.

Some of them probably wouldn’t have occurred to you in a million years and some are just plain crazy, but they’re all guaranteed to bring about a memorable dating experience.

So here they are in no particular order…

Fun Date Ideas With A Touch Of Crazy #1

Take your date to the Zoo. The zoo is a great place to see birds, animals and even insects you may not have even known existed, while providing a relaxed atmosphere where you can talk, gaze on in awe, or get some face time in.

In addition to the animal habitats, many zoos run conservation and education programs, and special exhibits where you can learn more about your favorite creatures.

Note: Watch for the date to get a bit crazy when you get to the gorilla or monkey enclosures.

Keeping an eye on your date in the gift shop can also direct you toward which cuddly stuffed animal to bestow as a memorable gift.

The nice thing about the Zoo as a date is that if the date goes bad, at least the time wasn’t a total waste – you can always tell your friends you were there just to take your date home…we’re just saying… icon smile 6 Fun Date Ideas That Are Just A Little Crazy

Fun Date Idea #2

Take your date horseback riding. Many areas have stables where you can rent horses by the hour. Stables also offer lessons and varying degrees of temperaments in the horses that they rent. Best to stay away from spirited or mildly spirited horses unless you’re pretty good on horseback.

Pack a picnic lunch and maybe a carrot or two for the horses and look forward to a day in the sun.

Horseback riding makes an ideal date because it’s unique, gets you outside, and leaves plenty of time to talk.

Though you may come away a bit sore at the end of the ride, that just gives you the perfect excuse to follow up with a mutual massage of those aching muscles.

Horseback riding can get a little crazy however if you get a horse with a mind of it’s own. We heard of one unlucky young man who was on a date at a stable following a rain storm. The horse, who we’re sure was just trying to cool off, decided to leave the path and lay down in a deep mud puddle – with the young rider still on its back! He had to jump off and ended up covered in mud head to toe.

Fun Date Idea #3

Take your date to a flea market. Most towns have either indoor or outdoor flea markets where all kinds of treasures can be had for pennies on the dollar.

Best of all, you can walk from vendor to vendor and find stuff that will appeal to both of you. And there’s always plenty of food stands with a large variety of foods to try.

A date at a flea market will also give you direct insight into the kind of person your date really is on the inside. Watch for the kinds of things they joke about or show an interest in. For example, if the guy you’re with goes crazy over a star wars toy, you can pretty much assume you’re deal with a closet nerd. And guys, if the girl you’re with spends all of her time at the jewelry vendors, you can pretty much assume you’re going to be broke the rest of your dating life with her icon smile 6 Fun Date Ideas That Are Just A Little Crazy .

Things can even crazier at a flea market however when you come upon one of those vendors who just loves to demonstrate their product. We heard of one fellow in the Los Angeles area who lopped the tip of his finger off while demonstrating the latest slicing and dicing appliance (ewww). And at a local flea market, a group of puppies got loose and tore up near by booths until they were recaptured. It was great fun chasing them and you can’t beat the “awwwww how cute” factor.

Some of the larger flea markets even have giant slides, balloon rides, and various carnival type rides.

Fun Date Idea #4

Take your date to a place with go carts if you want to see their true nature shine through. There’s nothing like having your date get a little crazy on you cutting you off, ramming you into a barrier, or slamming into your cart from the rear when you’re stopped or waiting to exit.

You can’t do much talking while driving, but you’ll reveal just how cutthroat your date really is on this kind of date – guaranteed.

Which WILL give you something to talk about later.

And to add a little more spice to the date, make it the best 3 out of 5 wins buys dinner that night!

Note: most places that have go carts will also have a variety of arcade games, so even if you lose at the track, you’ll have a chance to redeem yourself in the arcade!

Fun Date Idea #5

Take your date miniature golfing. OK we can hear you saying, “what’s so crazy about miniature golfing?”

Crazy like a fox is our reply.

The first time your date fails to put one into the dragon’s castle, you just wrap your arms around her or him, take hold of the club and demonstrate how it’s done.

Like go carts, most places that have miniature golf will also have a variety of arcade games so even if you lose on the green, you’ll have a chance to redeem yourself in the arcade!

Note: guys have your date sit in your lap while you’re waiting for the couple ahead of you to finish out the hole.

Fun Date Idea #6

Take your date to an amusement park – preferably one with big scary rides. This is the ultimate in crazy as just about anything can happen. You’ll be exhausted at the end of the day, but you’ll grow closer than you’ve ever been before.

And it’s a chance for both of you to either totally wimp out or really step up and show your stuff – you’ll get to know who your date truly is on this dating experience.

One caution though – no matter how much you want to go on a particular ride, don’t force your date to go if she or he doesn’t really want to – and don’t make them feel bad about not going.

Fun Date Ideas With A Touch Of Crazy – Final Candidates

Those are our 6 candidates ranging from mild to wild for fun date ideas with a touch of crazy. Whichever one you choose, you’re bound to learn a LOT about your date, get a little crazy, and have a great time.

And as an added bonus, you’ll grow even closer having spent some no-pressure quality time together where you and your date can just be yourselves.

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