Where To Meet Smart Pretty Women

This set of dating secrets tips might surprise you – especially the last one. It’s about where to meet smart, pretty women in unusual places…

Your First Inclination

Your first inclination might be to go to a bar or night club to meet women. While there are plenty of women who frequent these places, the competition is usually fierce, and the kind of women who hang out in these places aren’t always the kind of women who might interest you.

Alternative Meeting Ideas

The general idea is to find places where women hang out – so there’s plenty of them to choose from. It should be the kind of place where it’s easy to talk and interact, and where striking up a conversation will seem easy and natural.

Here are a couple of our dating secrets ideas for those kinds of places:

Yoga Class

These classes are relaxing and conducive to mediation. They are the opposite of the bar scene and there’s usually about a two to one ratio of women to men in these classes. They welcome beginners, and meeting someone in one of these classes overcomes the hurdle of finding a common interest.

Besides it’s great exercise and might even help you between the sheets…we’re just saying…

Aerobics Class

For a while the aerobics class was the major buzz word in fitness circles.

But these classes never really caught on with the guys, so you’ll find a disproportionate amount of women in them.

It’s a great place to meet women who are interested in taking care of themselves, and who share a common interest.

Hanging out after class for coffee or at a juice bar can make a great ‘non-threatening’ first date. And the class gives you an automatic topic of conversation. You can even ask your partner to pick out a juice or drink that they think might be most beneficial to you after your rigorous workout.

An added benefit is that many women come dressed in loose but shapely clothing which displays their assets rather nicely…we’re just saying…

Wine Tasting Or Art Show

While these events can attract both men and women, they generally attract women with a more sophisticated side.

If you’re a bit on the shy side, striking up a conversation at one of these events is easy and natural – after all, that’s what people come there to do. They love to discuss the latest up and coming artist or the character, taste and bouquet of the latest greatest wine.

Familiarizing yourself with the artist or the wine maker can help you converse intelligently at the event, and will show that you’re interested, have taste, character, and maybe even a bit of charm or panache.

Pottery Class

Our next ‘secret’ dating secrets location is one we bet you wouldn’t think of in a million years, but it’s one of the best: a pottery studio!

The women who take classes there are generally pretty incredible. And many of them are looking for sensitive, creative and intelligent partners.

These women typically have a great sense of humor, are friendly, down to earth, and love to help new potters who are just learning the art.

As as side benefit, you might even take home some nice bits of handmade pottery – which could act as conversation pieces should you ever invite one of the women back to your place.

Here’s one you’re probably not going to expect…we didn’t…

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Their channel system makes it easy to connect with people who share your interests and they not only have chat rooms, and games that allow people to meet, connect, and have fun, but the whole thing is free and you aren’t required to sign up!

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Meeting A Smart And Pretty Woman Shouldn’t Be A Dating Secrets Secret
It’s no secret, if you go through the phone book thinking about where women congregate, you’ll come up with another half dozen ideas before supper.

What about church social groups, women’s clubs and charity organizations, the regular gym, or even the health food store.

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